1. What We Do

A full range of HR consulting products and services are offered to clients representing MNCs, national companies and public sector entities. These include the following:

  • Psychometric Assessment
  • Competency Profiling
  • Competency Dictionary
  • Design & Conduct of Assessment Center
  • Large scale recruitment projects
  • Secondment and Executive Leasing
  • Executive Search and Placement
  • Distribution Partner Selection
  • Outsourced HR Services
  • HR Policies and Procedures
  • Employee Handbook
  • Compensation Survey
  • Compensation Structure Design
  • Executive Compensation Design
  • Performance Management Systems
  • Training Needs Assessment
  • Management Training & Development
  • Workshops & Seminars
  • Event Management
  • Organization Climate Survey
  • Corporate Image Study
  • 360 Degree Feedback

2. Assessments

High performance corporate entities benefit tremendously by employing objective, thorough and standardized assessment tools in order to make better decisions vis-a-vis recruitment, promotion, employee development, career planning and reward management. These decisions are helpful to organizations in meeting current workforce needs and in planning for future aspirations. WitFil offers different combinations of assessment services to cater to specific client needs, based on their unique requirements. These tools have been acquired and adapted or developed in-house through research and our industry experience, ensuring a high level! of validity and objectivity.

3. Executive Search

The Executive Search service is geared to provide clients maximum assistance in sourcing of qualified manpower for management positions.
We maintain a comprehensive database of job seekers, which is regularly updated to ensure availability of suitable potential candidates to meet urgent requirements of clients who do not wish to advertise the positions. Coverage includes chartered accountants, marketing professionals, cost and management accountants, HR professionals, engineers, MBAs, IT professionals, Bankers and others.
To keep abreast of current compensation practices, we conduct salary and benefits survey on a regular basis, and offer assistance to clients so that they are able to offer competitive compensation packages to potential employees. Our screening and selection procedure is adapted to meet the specific requirements of positions covered. Executive positions are sourced from our database or through our wide network of contacts keeping in view the requirement of the position(s). For entry-level positions tests are designed and conducted to identify and assess the requisite skills, competencies and aptitude of potential candidates keeping in view the person specifications and requirements. For specific positions, we offer to employ psychometric tools at the client's option, to further provide insight into the personality aspects of short-listed candidates.
Clients may also opt to generate applicants through a press advertisement. We offer a full range of services from development of specification, development and placement of advertisement, to screening and short-listing candidates for final selection by the client. Being flexible to client requirements, we adapt the overall process to effectively meet the client's specific requirement.

4. Training & Development

Training is a huge investment for organizations- thus the Return on Investment must be more than equivalent.
Our Training and Development Programmes focus on enhancing the skills, competencies, and knowledge of human capital deployed in client organizations through in-house and open audience workshops and programmes. A training calendar for the year is prepared offering a variety of open-audience workshops and nominations are received from different organizations who wish to participate in the programmes.
In addition to the "open audience" courses offered by WitFil in the Training Calendar for the year, we are available to develop specific tailor made training interventions for specific clients as and when required. Conferences and Seminars.
WitFil also manages events for corporate clients. These events essentially feature as sponsored conferences and Seminars on a variety of topics which are either selected by the sponsoring clients or are initiated proactively by WitFil.

5. Compensation & Reward Management

Employee compensation issues typically dealt with by Human Resources Practice address questions such as:

  • Are compensation strategies and policies in line with competitive trends and responsive to domestic and cultural needs?
  • Are allowances, benefits and perquisites and the retirement plans sensitive to the corporate objectives and their realization?
  • Are compensation practices competitive and cost effective and yet responsive to corporate goals and philosophy?
  • Are compensation packages responsive to the advantages and benefits conferred by the tax law for optimization of tax benefits?
  • Are employment contracts and documentation of retirement schemes designed in a manner benefiting the business enterprise and the employees?

The Compensation Management services provided by the HR Consulting Practice of WitFilcan assist clients in ensuring that clients compensation structures and practices are consistent with market norms and trends and are internally consistent across functions and at various hierarchical levels.

Discover what the latest trends in compensation are in the market and in your industry. We conduct compensation surveys specifically designed and conducted to measure how you stand with respect to the market and to your competition. Make an informed decision about your company and about the future of your employees.

The HR Consulting Practice and WitFil is routinely called upon to design compensation structures and benefits packages for their clients. Our approach to is to ensure that the structure thus created for the client is internally consistent with the organization's own goals and objectives externally responsive to changes in the market place. We try to ensure that the designed compensation and benefits structure conforms not only to industry norms but also rewards initiative and productivity from the employees. But above all else, we ensure that the structure you receive from us is geared to help you attract and retain the quality manpower you need to succeed.

Executive Compensation is key component of the Compensation Management services offered by the HR Consulting Practice at WitFil. Decision makers and Boards of Directors determine the ideal balance by which senior executives are to be attracted and compensated. Some of the key considerations we evaluate when designing an executive compensation package include governance, equity and shareholding, profit sharing, bonuses, memberships, perks and privileges.